Important Information & Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

We recommend Smart Shield sunscreen but your choice is fine. Also a lightweight shirt sunglasses, and a hat would be desirable.  You should bring your lunch, drinks and plenty of sunscreen.

What about seasickness?
Since we fish in shallow water usually we don’t have anyone to get seasick. If you are VERY sensitive we recommend a good night sleep, no alcohol the night before, and light meals for dinner and breakfast. There are several over the counter medications or wristbands. Ask you local pharmacist. If these make you drowsy, ask your doctor about prescription motion sickness medication.

What about a tip?
You can tip as much or little as you like but 10-15% is normal. Thank you! And kissing the fish is entirely optional!!

What if our party is larger than 4-5 people?
We have availability to put approx. 100 fishermen in separate boats on the water at any given time with advance notice. Large parties are no problem.

Do I need to bring any tackle or bait?
No. All are provided for you. Unless you want to wade fish, then you do need your rod and reel and wading equipment.

If you want to wade fish, you need to bring your own rod, reel and wading equipment. 

Do you provide fish cleaning?
Yes. We clean the fish for you once we return to the dock. Your choice: boneless fillets, Redfish “half-shells” (ready for the pit) Just don’t forget a cooler to take them home in!

Is a Deposit Required?
Yes. A credit card # is required on all trips, the deposit is $200.

What if I need to cancel my trip?
Our cancellation policy is as follows:

1. When a booking is made by the customer there is NO refund on the deposit UNLESS the trip is cancelled prior to 14 days. That’s what the deposit is for, remember the Capt. has turned other trips down for that date and the date is being held just for YOU.

2. Neither Captain Charlie nor Captain Aerich will endanger customers if inclement weather is at hand; he has the right to cancel and reschedule your trip should this be the case.  Cancelled trips are decided upon the captain’s discretion and your trip may be rescheduled for a later date or a refund will be issued for your deposit.

3. All cancellations done in less than 14 days, will be charged the deposit amount of $200 per boat. A new deposit is required for the next fishing trip.

4. No booking will be made without a valid Credit card, (the card will be verified immediately), money order or check received within 5 days of the time of booking the trip. The current deposit amount is $200 per boat for a fishing trip.

5. If you are sending a check or money order the trip will be held for a maximum of 5 days to allow for postal delivery.