Let’s Go Duck Hunting or Blast & Cast! 

Hello!  I’m Capt. Aerich Oliver and I’m introducing a new service to Redfish Charters this year that Capt. Charlie never offered before and I’m excited to tell you about it.  I have a passion for hunting and fishing so I decided to add this as an option for my customers.

Reuben Briscno & Jason Perez from Helotes hunted 2 days with Capt. Aerich Oliver and dog Coco. Redfish Charters, Rockport, TX

A lot of duck hunts are from shore or from well-camouflaged blinds along the islands.  I do have blinds built and set as well as brushed, but as always, even though I have done all the work and put them out there in specific places, they are first come – first one gets them.  This is a courtesy between hunters respecting another’s hard work in building and brushing the blind.   Everyone usually respects who’s blinds are who’s on the water.


Reuben Briscno & Jason Perez from Helotes hunted 2 days with Capt. Aerich Oliver and dog Coco. Redfish Charters, Rockport, TX

I have a chocolate Labrador Retriever dog and she is getting better with her training and retrieving.  She still has a ways to go to be perfect but Coco is learning quickly. When we arrive at our location I put out lots, meaning several dozens of duck decoys.  These help draw the ducks into our area.  I use a mix of redheads and pintail decoys along with a Mojo or two.  A Mojo is a decoy with moving wings.

I offer exceptional duck hunting during the teal and duck seasons.  Teal and pintails are the most common ducks but along with them we get bufflehead, bluebill, redheads, scalp and widgeons.  Most ducks are plentiful in our beautiful Rockport Area waters.


Happy customers with their ducks. (Capt. Aerich Oliver not pictured.)

Duck hunts begin at legal shooting time which is one-half hour before sunrise to sunset, although we leave before then to set up and end when your bag limit is obtained or at 10:00am, whichever is first.  I can also arrange an afternoon hunt if you’d like, subject to my availability of course.

A very popular combination trip of my two passions is the “Blast & Cast”. 
That is where we go ducking hunting first thing in the morning then come in for a change of clothes and maybe a bite to eat if you like, then we gear up and return to the waters to go fishing. We will be offering all three options this winter, Fishing trips, Duck hunting trips or “Blast & Cast” trips.

All duck hunts require you to have a valid Texas hunting license and a separate Federal Duck Stamp & HIP certification is required to hunt any migratory game bird.  Quoted form TP&W website,  “All migratory game bird hunters must have a valid hunting license. Non-residents under 17 years of age are designated as residents and may hunt with a resident license. Hunters 17 years of age or older must have a driver’s license or personal identification certificate (issued by the Department of Public Safety) on their person while hunting. Non-residents must have similar documents issued by the agency in the state or country of which the person is a resident that is authorized to issue driver’s licenses or personal identification certificates.”  “A person 17 years of age or older must possess a migratory game bird endorsement receipt to hunt any migratory game bird in this state. Federal law also requires waterfowl hunters 16 years of age and over to have a Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (commonly called a Duck Stamp; available at most post offices and TPWD offices).”  Proof of this will be required before any hunter boards the boat.  If you are doing a “Blast & Cast” trip then a Texas fishing license with a saltwater endorsement is also required, this can be purchased at TP&WD offices, Walmart, Tackle Town in Rockport, some tackle shops & Academy stores and provides an immediate print out. If for some reason you forget it we have to sit at the dock for you to go into town and obtain it, this cuts into your fishing or hunting time. On all my duck hunts I require a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 4.

Rockport, Texas, Aransas County is in the South Zone.

Here in South Texas you can expect it to be a mild winter by most standards.  However ducks seem to like it damp, windy, cold or cool and drizzling.  That’s just their nature.  Be prepared for any weather change, layer your clothes.  You can always take some off to be more comfortable but if you are cold and wet then you can get very miserable.  Keeping your head dry and warm is of upmost importance and always bring water to stay hydrated.  Dressing warm and being prepared with waders, waterproof camo, good gloves, and headgear is very important.

Everyone asks what to bring on a duck hunt.  Here is your answer:

NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A TEXAS HUNTING LICENSE WITH THE FEDERAL DUCK STAMP (PURCHASED SEPARATE FROM YOUR LICENSE). Bring your personal shotgun and non-lead shells, hearing protection, wade gear, camouflage and layered warm clothing, head covering for warmth and non-reflective glasses. Lifejackets are onboard for those who desire or require.  If you have any special needs please tell us at the time of booking.

Blake Weise & buddy Capt. Aerich (not pictured) got their limit of redheads!  (Always nice hunting with a buddy because that way the guide can get his limit also!)

I launch at different locations depending on the areas the ducks have been in that week.  Anytime during the duck season is good for a “Blast & Cast” trip, whether it be weekdays or weekend.  I am a fulltime licensed guide by the Texas Parks & Wildlife and United States Coast Guard. I will do my best to provide you with a memorable experience whether it’s a duck hunt a fishing trip or a “Blast & Cast” trip.  Cleaning all we bag or catch is also provided at no additional charge.

Duck Hunting Rates
$175 per person with a minimum of 2 people & maximum 4
Blast & Cast Rates
$275 per person with a minimum of 2 people & maximum 4


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