Veteran Guide Shared his Knowledge with all….
Old Salt Grins at the Wind & Sea  (Victoria Advocate, May 2009)

When Rockport guide Charlie Newton backed his boat down the ramp at Cove Harbor, he didn’t have to tell me he had been doing this for 25 years – his tanned, leather skin conveyed that message. Had I missed that-tell tale sign, his boat trailer would have spoken up.

“Suppose to gust to 45 (mph) today,” he said. “I guess we will go fishing anyway.”

If Newton decided to stay pinned to the dock every time the ardent wind blew in Rockport, there wouldn’t be rust on his trailer and a creaking sound coming from its wheel bearings.

“It will probably only blow around 25-30. We ought to be able to find some redfish,” he offered just before we pushed from the dock.

Newton’s 24- foot Carolina Skiff is built for skinny water redfishing; and, on this day, the shallow waters of back lake marshes were the leeward shores we were looking for to hide from spring blusters. As we eased through the mouth of a bayou, an oyster reef carved more scars in the flatbottom.

Newton saw mullet flipping so he eased the anchored overboard and begin preparing Carolina-rigged Kahle hooks with chunks of fresh mullet. Five rods then went in standup holders and we waited.

“Many times the first rod goes down before I get the last rod baited,” he chuckled. “Hasn’t been like that lately with the wind, but every day is different!”



Captain Aerich shows us just how to do the “Texas Trifecta”!  Catching all 3 – Redfish, Speckled Trout and a Flounder makes for a fantastic day on the water – especially when you have the opportunity to catch all three types of fish!   There’s a lot of excitement on the boat with yells of “Fish On” and lots of photo-taking and selfies when someone catches all three fish!! It doesn’t happen all the time, but enough so to make it most memorable and unforgettable too!  You’ll also see a photo of Capt. Charlie’s wife with a different kind of “Texas Trifecta” only this time it’s a Redfish, Speckled Trout and a small Hammerhead Shark – yowza!!

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BJ (Beverly June) is plum crazy as she displays here …with a Bonnet Head Shark and 2 perfect 28″ Redfish.
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Charles & BJ (Beverly) have been married for 37 years and moved to Rockport when they got married in 1978, they had their only daughter Chelcie in 1979. Charles had 2 more daughters by a previous marriage and altogether they have a total of 10 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.

Charles & BJ decided to move to Rockport with just a desire to live in this beautiful place. They both love fishing and started “hanging out” at the harbor and were always fishing and bringing in lots of fish. One day Capt. Wayne Lindsey asked Charles to run his boat and take some people fishing, well that started it. “It” meaning Charles’ desire to take people fishing. He worked and fished with Capt. Wayne until he knew the waters around Rockport like the back of his hand.

In 1985 Redfish Charters opened for business and has been providing quality fishing trips ever since. “Capt. Charlie” (as he is affectionately known to most people), brings over 32 years experience as a full time fishing guide and boy does he have some stories to tell. He’s one remarkable man with a humor that is simply delightful and contagious.

Deborah and brother David Fullerton sure had a nice day’s catch of 6 beautiful redfish, caught while fishing with Capt. Charles Newton, Redfish Charters, Rockport, TX.


Capt. Charlie’s Grandson and Granddaughter – Aerich Oliver and Allycia Oliver! Aerich is Redfish Charters’ deck hand. From the time he was 3 years old,  he has been in the boat with his grandpa and pulling the anchor since he was 12.  Aerich has learned from a true Rockport legend and Capt. Charlie and wife Beverly never forget how blessed they are!

Aerich Oliver is Redfish Charters’ deck hand, he is 17 and Capt. Charlie’s “First Mate!”  Aerich shares the same passion for fishing as his Papaw.  When he turned 14 he insisted on helping Papaw pull the anchor and use the cast net to catch bait. He’s even held multiple classes to teach others the art of cast netting. Aerich assists customers with baiting hooks, casting and landing fish if desired.  Aerich has already completed the course work at SEA ACADEMY for his Captain’s License & Towing License.  Next he will begin classes to obtain his 50 Ton License.  Once he graduates high school he hopes to work with Redfish Charters full time and weld in his spare time.